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Health care isn’t just the test, surgeries, or medications you need to stay healthy. It’s not just the appointments or conversations you have with your provider. There are many non-medical parts of care that can make your health journey more challenging.

At South Shore Hospital, we know that factors like cost of care and confusing insurance — or lack of insurance — can make it difficult to ask for help when you need it. But these shouldn’t impact your ability to access care.

That’s why we offer financial assistance and programs to make managing and paying for your care easier

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Paying for health care can be tricky — especially if you don’t know what you’re actually paying for. At South Shore Hospital, we believe that transparency about the cost of health care is important, so we work to provide the resources necessary to understand your options.

Here are some resources available to you through South Shore Hospital that can help you understand the cost of care:

  • Standard List Of Charges: To improve price transparency, all US hospitals and health systems must provide lists of standard hospital charges (also called a chargemaster). This list can help you compare prices across hospitals. View the list of standard charges here (Updated on 12/16/2020).
  • The Price Estimator Tool: The Price Estimator Tool from South Shore Hospital can help you get an out-of-pocket cost estimate for selected services and/or items. View the Price Estimator Tool here.
  • Speak To Someone At South Shore Hospital: For the most accurate estimate of the cost of care, patients can contact South Shore Hospital at or call 773-356-5219 for assistance in understanding the charges and related costs for a procedure or visit.

View our full list of price transparency tools.

At South Shore Hospital, we believe that everyone who needs health care should be able to access quality care.

We help patients access medically necessary services, which are services that are typically covered by Medicare. According to our Financial Assistance Policy (FAP), patients who earn:

Patients who are eligible for FAP will not be charged for more emergency or other medically necessary care compared to those who have insurance.

Elective services, such as cosmetic surgery, are not included in our charity program.

Learn more about the FAP Policy and how to apply for financial support.

At South Shore, we also offer self-pay discounts and accept Indiana Medicare patients.

If you need help with meeting your hospital bill obligation, contact the Director of PFS at 773-356-5219.

South Shore Hospital offers a discount to patients who receive medically necessary services but are uninsured. Your bill will show the discounted amount and new balance.

Services like cosmetic procedures, hearing aids, and eye care, that are not normally covered by insurance do not receive a discount.

If you are struggling to pay for care, South Shore Hospital offers financial assistance and experts who can help you navigate them. Our financial counselors can explain your options and even help you fill out the financial evaluation form to see what support you qualify for.

For more information about financial assistance, please call one of our South Shore Hospital financial counselors at 773-356-5218.


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