Addiction Treatment & Detox

Addiction is not a choice — it’s a treatable medical condition that requires the right support and medical treatment. Due to a variety of reasons, such as genetics and life experiences, people with addiction may engage in dangerous behaviors like substance abuse, often despite harmful consequences.

Just as with other chronic diseases, treatment and ongoing support can help those struggling with addiction regain control of their lives. At South Shore Hospital, our addiction specialists are trained to find the best approach for each individual patient

The Truth About Addiction

  • Addiction is not a choice. It results from factors like genetics, the environment, and a person’s life experiences.
  • Addiction is treatable. Just like other medical conditions, the right care and treatment can help patients overcome addiction.
  • Addiction treatment is not a one-stop shop. Treating addiction takes time, and most people who abuse substances require longer-term treatment.

At South Shore Hospital, we recognize that addiction and substance abuse are among the top health issues in the South Shore community. If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, South Shore is a place not just to confront addiction — but also a place to achieve a healthy lifestyle once again.

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Addiction Treatment at South Shore Hospital

At South Shore Hospital, our compassionate and skilled addiction experts are trained in a variety of addictions, including alcohol and drugs that have some form of opiate in them, such as heroin and certain pain relievers.

Addiction treatment is unique to each patient. What works for one patient may not be the best approach for another. At South Shore, we use methadone as a part of treatment. Methadone is a medication used to treat Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). When used as prescribed, it is both safe and effective in helping patients recover and return to active and fulfilling lives.

South Shore Hospital Medical Detox Service

Our medical detox service is an inpatient emergency medical detoxification program for adults 18 years and older. It is designed for those who are intoxicated, chemically dependent, or suffering from withdrawal of symptoms of drugs or alcohol.

South Shore Hospital detox begins with an initial assessment, including medical history, physical, lab tests, and a nursing assessment.

Using that information, our team will determine the best approach to support the patient both physically and emotionally. The goal of the program is to help each patient recognize that they are an essential part of their treatment, and they are in charge of making decisions to overcome their addiction.

At the same time, South Shore Hospital detox service staff are here to support patients who want to recover. Our team is made up of a highly-qualified team that specializes in detoxification, including:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Intake counselors
  • Program directors

Working together, our team will ensure each patient receives the attention they need for successful detoxification.

Our program lasts from one to three days, depending on a patient’s needs. South Shore Hospital has also partnered with South East Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center and a clinic for suboxone (a treatment for opioid dependence) to refer patients to community-based care and recovery assistance.

The Role of Family and Caregivers During Addiction Treatment

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, your support is crucial as they go through treatment and recovery. As a family member, caregiver, or friend, you can help your loved one stay committed to their journey.

The first step is to make sure you understand addiction. Remind yourself that the person you care for is the same person you know and love. Addiction can happen to anyone, and it is not a sign of weakness. It’s a disease of the brain that requires medical treatment.

Remember that each recovery journey is unique. Your loved one may try and fail, then try again. Do your best to be there for them every step of the way — even when it’s not easy.

Finally, ask your loved one how you can best support them. Maybe they would appreciate your help making decisions about treatment, or maybe they would benefit from your presence at a support meeting. And give them space and trust when they need it, too.

At South Shore Hospital, not only are we committed to supporting patients with addiction, but we can also provide resources and guidance for loved ones. Addiction treatment and recovery is a process — one that can be accomplished successfully together.


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