Physical Therapy

Whether due to injury, illness, or age, there are many reasons you might experience pain. Physical therapy helps address this pain and improve your ability to complete daily activities without assistance.

By assessing your physical condition — such as your strength, coordination, range of motion, and posture — physical therapists create treatment plans that help you function and move the way you want, without pain.

At South Shore Hospital, our physical therapists are dedicated to your overall health and wellness. We work closely with you and your referring provider to create a treatment plan that meets your goals and needs.

The goal of South Shore physical therapy is simple — to help you return to your normal activities quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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South Shore Hospital Physical Therapy Services

At South Shore, we are proud of our long legacy of excellent physical therapy service to our patients and the South Shore community. If you’re experiencing pain due to injury, illness, or another reason, let us help ease your pain so you can get your life back.

South Shore physical therapy services include those that are inpatient (when you stay in the hospital overnight) and outpatient (when you leave the hospital the same day). They may include a combination of exercises, stretches, balance activities, and movement modifications to help your body get stronger and heal. Together, these will help you:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve strength
  • Increase motion
  • Speed up your recovery process
  • Return to your daily activities in the safest and fastest way possible

In addition to physical therapy services, we also offer speech therapy through partner organizations who work with patients in our hospital. They help with many kinds of communication problems, such as speech sounds (how you put words together) and fluency (also known as stuttering). They also treat feeding and swallowing problems, including how well you chew and swallow foods and liquids.

Whether your concerns are with moving around your house safely, dealing with a previous injury that’s causing pain, or communicating effectively, South Shore physical therapists will create an individual treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and meets your goals.

Physical Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Physical therapy is common, and it helps all kinds of patients return to their daily lives. Still, you might have questions. At South Shore, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your physical therapy in order to improve your health and wellness.

Here are answers to some common questions about physical therapy.

Physical therapy can benefit a wide variety of patients. Some of the main goals of physical therapy include:

  • Helping you move around easily and safely
  • Managing pain
  • Preventing or improving long-term conditions, such as headaches, obesity, or heart disease
  • Recovering from injuries
  • Preventing future injuries
  • Avoiding surgery and unnecessary medication

At South Shore, your physical therapy treatment plan is catered to your needs, your goals, and your body.

While you can start physical therapy at any time, it’s best to go as early as you can to get better safely and recover as soon as possible.

However, no matter how long you have been experiencing pain, physical therapy is made to meet you where you are. Whether you’ve been navigating a chronic condition for years or are dealing with pain from an injury that happened a week ago, physical therapy can help you move safely, more efficiently, and with less pain.

Once you’ve made your physical therapy appointment, get the most out of your first session and any follow-up sessions, by:

  • Jotting down your symptoms, including how long you’ve been experiencing them and what makes them better or worse
  • Writing down key medical information, such as past injuries, medication you are taking (both prescription and over-the-counter), and a list of your healthcare providers
  • Making a list of any questions you have for your physical therapist
  • Wearing comfortable clothing to your appointments

Your take-home exercises are just as important as your physical therapy sessions themselves. All of your prescribed workouts, stretches, and movement modifications are key to your recovery.

Follow your physical therapist’s instructions exactly, including how often to do each exercise and with what resistance. If you have questions, ask your therapist to clarify what you should be doing at home to get better.

South Shore Hospital physical therapists are here to help you achieve your movement goals. If you have questions about South Shore Hospital physical therapy or want to schedule an appointment, call 773-356-5276 or 773-356-5277.


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