Social Services

Recovering from a medical event can be difficult — but our dedicated Social Services team can help.

We are committed to understanding and supporting the needs of each individual patient admitted to our hospital — not only during your stay at South Shore but in your transition home as well.

What Is Social Services?

At South Shore Hospital, our Social Services team is made up of social workers who can connect you with the resources and services to make your transition from the hospital to home as easy as possible.

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When Would I Meet Someone From Social Services?

The social workers at South Shore Hospital are a key part of our intake and discharge process. This means you will see them when you arrive at the hospital, and you may also see them when you leave.

When you are admitted to South Shore, a social service worker will conduct an assessment to figure out your unique needs.

Their job is to understand the different factors outside the hospital (in “real life”) that may impact your recovery. They want to ensure that you’ll be safe and comfortable when you return home.

They may ask you questions about things like:

  • Your current housing situation
  • Whether you have someone to care for you following your stay at South Shore
  • If you have reliable transportation to and from the hospital
  • Any mobility issues that might make daily tasks difficult
  • Other questions related to your condition and recovery

You might feel nervous to tell a stranger about your life, but by answering honestly, Social Services can let you know all of your options and find you the care that fits your life.

For example, if you live on your own and recently had a stroke, you might be having trouble moving around and cooking your meals. Upon hearing this, a South Shore social worker can recommend a service that could help with meal prep, meal delivery, or other housekeeping tasks.

With the support of our South Shore team of providers, nurses, and social workers, we will connect you with the resources that address your specific physical, social, and emotional needs.

What Kinds of Referrals Do Social Services Make?

The team of social workers at South Shore Hospital can connect you to all sorts of outpatient services and community resources to make your transition home easier.

Social Services commonly connects patients with resources such as:

  • Acute rehab placement
  • At-home physical therapy
  • Day-to-day support for things like shopping and dressing
  • Hospice care
  • Housekeeping services like cooking and cleaning
  • Medication monitoring
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Medical equipment or tools for your home
  • Nursing home placement
  • Outpatient mental health facilities
  • Outpatient treatment centers for addiction
  • Education about your specific condition
  • Transportation
  • Visiting nurses

For more information, please contact the Social Service Department at 773-356-5274 or 773-356-5290.


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