Community Health & Wellness Programs

South Shore Hospital is a community-based hospital dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones’ physical and emotional health. As a member of the South Shore community, we offer compassionate and high-quality care to our community members, regardless of race, color, creed, or financial status.

At South Shore Hospital, we focus on our community’s needs by offering a range of regular healthcare services, programs, and screenings.

The South Shore Community

South Shore Hospital understands the financial challenges many of our community members face. That’s why we offer equitable healthcare to all of our neighbors. While our community may experience more healthcare issues than average, the good news is South Shore Hospital offers top-notch facilities, programs, and care to help you improve your health.

In our 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), South Shore community members expressed which healthcare issues were the most important to them. To improve our services, we evaluated how different factors affect our community, including:

  • Access to food, housing, and jobs
  • Structural racism
  • Community safety, violence, and trauma
  • Mental health and substance use disorders
  • Access to quality healthcare and community resources
  • Chronic conditions such as hypertension, asthma, and diabetes

The community survey asked South Shore community members about top health issues, top needs for a healthy community, greatest strengths in the community, and what needs to be improved. The chart below shows which health issues our community is most concerned about.

Experienced Doctors

Complete primary care services, from routine check-ups and preventive care at five affiliated neighborhood clinics and affiliated physicians.

Friendly Staff

Excellent and personable physicians, nurses, and professional staff. Transportation Services for seniors and disabled patients at affiliated clinics and the hospital.

South Shore Hospital Community Health Screenings

South Shore residents are more susceptible to many health conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Hypertension and heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Various cancers
  • Kidney disease
  • Obesity
  • Substance abuse

Fortunately, regular health check-ups and screenings can often catch health conditions while they are still manageable.

South Shore Hospital puts our community first. That’s why in addition to our regular healthcare services, South Shore Hospital offers a variety of Community Health Screenings.

  • List of upcoming screenings
  • How to register/attend

South Shore Hospital Community-Based Healthcare & Wellness Programs

South Shore Hospital also offers numerous community health and wellness programs to support your health year-round.

The Senior Center focuses on prevention and wellness for seniors, including guidance on diet and exercise as well as educational classes. Some services include physicals, medical tests, pharmacy services, and other outpatient assistance.

If you are looking for a fun social and wellness group, consider joining The Silver Eagles Activity and Walking Club for Seniors. They meet at the Senior Center for events and activities. For more information, call 773-221-1829.

This 14-day detoxification and rehabilitation program helps you rid the body of drugs and the mind of the desire for drugs through inpatient and outpatient group therapy. For more information, call 773-356-5303.

This medically-run detoxification program uses methadone, a medication that reduces pain and eases the recovery process for opium users. For an intake evaluation and appointment, call 773-356-5098.

The HIV/AIDS Program and Wellness Center offers culturally-sensitive medical services to help people living with HIV or AIDS reach and maintain their best health. Services include:

  • Testing
  • Education
  • Treatment
  • Case management
  • Employment assistance
  • Training
  • Counseling
  • Nutritional guidance

Free HIV testing is available every Monday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The HIV/AIDS Program and Wellness Center is located at 2525 East 83rd Street. For more information, call 773-221-4831.

Donate to South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest form of healthcare to the South Shore community. Our community’s health is our top priority, and we couldn’t offer the level of care we do without the community’s support. Your donation helps us offer community screenings and events.

Please consider donating to help support South Shore Hospital’s mission to improve access to healthcare in our community.


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