• We are a team committed to working
    together to create excellent patient
  • Excellence in customer service and quality
    care is our commitment.
  • Compassion guides us to show empathy,
    courtesy and kindness in all of our
  • Accountability to internal and external
    stakeholders guides us in taking
    responsibility for the outcomes of our
  • Respect for self and others guides us in
    valuing the worth and dignity of very person
    we serve.
  • Ethics leads us to demonstrate honesty,
    fairness and integrity in all we do.

Portal Enrollment  is Easy

Visit our website:

Hover your mouse over PATIENT INFORMATION
Click Myhealth Portal
Click Self Enrollment

Complete Questionnaire
(name, date of birth, medical record # and the email on file)

Click on the link to access the Portal

Enter your one-time user name, password, and security question and click Log On

My Health Patient Portal Screen Shot
My Health Patient Portal Screen Shot