Philosophy of Nursing

South Shore Hospital Department of Nursing is committed to provide holistic quality care. The department practices within the administrative framework of South Shore Hospital and supports its goals of meeting community health needs on a non-discriminatory basis. The Department of Nursing believes that: Nursing is a human service that responds to societal requirements for assistance with health related needs. It is oriented toward promoting health, both physical and psychosocial, preventing complications of disease and injury, and providing health evaluation to all types and ages of patients, of the community and their families. Nursing uses a systematic approach to care called the nursing process. The process begins with identification of healthcare needs, self care deficits and educational requirements. A nursing diagnosis is made by the RN and a care plan is initiated. Nursing care activities are evaluated and revised as needed until realistic goals and objectives are attained. Nursing collaborates with other disciplines in the health care field and shares a common basis in the Biological and social sciences. Cognitive, technological, teaching, and interpersonal skills as well as ethical conduct are important elements in nurse relationships with patients, families, and health team members.

The unique, holistic nature of man influences the design of nursing care. Human beings are normally capable of taking care of themselves and their dependents. They have the right to assistance when external and internal forces cause some degree of incapacity for self care. Nursing recognizes this need and man’s need for personal, social, cultural, economic and spiritual interaction necessary for healthy, human development. Health is a state of integrity and wholeness. Many factors influence the health status of individuals and families. Therefore nursing must be sensitive to the complex causes and effects of health and deviations from health. The Department of Nursing accepts its responsibilities and acknowledges its commitment to the community by supplying clinically competent and professionally committed nurses. Nursing Services are provided according to the needs to the community we serve through a continual development of new ideas, talents and resources in health interventions, education and research.

Experienced Doctors

Complete primary care services, from routine check-ups and preventive care at five affiliated neighborhood clinics and affiliated physicians.

Friendly Staff

Excellent and personable physicians, nurses, and professional staff. Transportation Services for seniors and disabled patients at affiliated clinics and the hospital.

The Department of Nursing is committed to holistic, quality patient care in collaboration with other health care disciplines and within the framework of South Shore Hospital’s governing body. The Department of Nursing is committed to respect for all individuals. The Department of Nursing is committed to practicing according to current nursing theories, standards, and guidelines established by the Illinois Nursing Practice Act. JCAHO, and other state, national, or private organizations which promote the integrity and guide the development of the nursing profession and process.

The Department of Nursing is committed to providing clinically competent, committed, and compassionate nursing staff. The Department of Nursing is committed to organization enhancement through existence of continuous educational opportunities, and the introduction of new technology. The Department of Nursing is committed to valuing and supporting a strong image of its nurses by allowing professional autonomy, involvement in organizational decision-making, and by providing satisfactory working conditions and compensation


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