South Shore Hospital offers a wide array of healthcare services to meet you and your family’s needs. From diagnostic services to community health issues to customized medical services, South Shore Hospital is committed to serving our community’s health needs.

  • Excellent and personable physicians, nurses, and professional staff
  • A modern, accredited hospital
  • Complete primary care services, from routine check-ups and preventive care at five affiliated neighborhood clinics and affiliated physicians
  • Pre Admission Testing services
  • Outpatients Services, at the hospital, including Nuclear Medicine, Radiological, Vascular and Laboratory diagnostic tests
  • Radiological, Vascular and Laboratory diagnostic tests
  • Outpatient Surgery Services including Same Day Surgery and Minor Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine (ER) Services
  • Physical Therapy services
  • Senior Complete Care Center dedicated to the health and well being of seniors
  • Respite Care program
  • Outpatient Pharmacy with convenient hours
  • Transportation Services for seniors and disabled patients at affiliated clinics and the hospital

List of Services

South Shore Hospital is an acute care, 170 bed facility with a full range of services to meet the primary healthcare needs of the community.

At South Shore Hospital, social workers work with patients and their families with services to meet their medically related social and emotional needs as they impinge on their medical condition, recovery and safe transition from care environment to another. For more information, please contact the Social Service Department at (773)356-5274 or (773)356-5290.

The Quality Management’s goals are to measure, assess, and improve the performance of key clinical care processes so that South Shore Hospital achieves our desired outcome of optimal service and patient outcomes. For inquiries about quality measure, please call (773)356-5402.

South Shore Hospital is committed to providing safe, efficient and effective healthcare to our patients. As part of this effort, the hospital has an organized Patient Safety Committee to address patient safety issues. If you have questions regarding patient safety issues, please do not hesitate to call the Patient Safety Hotline (773) 356-5446 — this hotline is a confidential voice mail box where patients/family or staff can leave concerns or ideas for patient safety.

We offer diagnostic services such as: nuclear stress testing, exercise stress testing, echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, and event monitoring, 12-lead EKGs, and electroencephalograms/EEG.

For more information, please contact the Clinical Science Department at (773)356-5261 or (773)356- 5262.

Services offered: Blood Gas Study, Pulmonary Function Test

For inquiries, please call (773)356-5165 or (773)356-5166.

Working with referring health care professionals, we tailor our services to meet patient needs. Our goal is to improve patient health, restore mobility and enhance function quickly, efficiently and effectively. We are proud of our long legacy of excellent service to our patients and community.

For more information, please call (773)356-5276 or (773)356-5277.

Emergency healthcare services treat a variety of conditions from minor traumas and accidents to other health emergencies, like asthma attacks and mental health emergencies. The South Shore Hospital Emergency Department also offers services such as X-rays, laboratory tests, and electrocardiogram (EKG) heart screenings.

We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by healing wounds, preventing re-occurrence and providing education for our patients and their families.

For inquiries, please call (773)356-5276 or (773)356-5265.

South Shore Hospital maintains an open door policy and welcomes and encourages the reporting of risks issues and also problems related to suspected instances of noncompliance. The Compliance & Risk Officer can be reached at (773)-356-5198.

Acute renal dialysis is a local facility for dialysis services and specialty physicians who are expertly trained in catheterization (a small tube placed under the skin) and other processes needed for effective dialysis.

Pulmonary function services can detect a variety of breathing issues and disorders, such as asthma and lung cancer.

Open 24/7, admitting services handles all emergency and non-emergency admissions to the hospital. Pre-admission testing schedules all necessary medical procedures.

Radiology technology, nuclear medicine, and mammography services offers digital diagnostic radiologic and fluoroscopy (a continuous X-ray image) services, such as X-rays and mammography screenings for breast cancer.

The Senior Mental Healthcare & Wellness Center focuses on well-care for seniors, including diet, exercise, and education.

Hospice services include home-based assistance for those in the final stages of a disease in order to help them transition humanely and comfortably in their own home.

Physical therapy services help patients reach their goals, whether it’s moving without pain, walking without assistance, or achieving independence in daily activities.

The Chemical Dependency Program is a 14-day detoxification and rehabilitation program that helps rid the body of drugs and the mind of the desire to use drugs using inpatient and outpatient group therapy.

The Detox Program is a 3 to 4-day medically-run detoxification program that uses methadone therapy to ease opium users in the process of recovery.

The HIV/AIDS Program & Wellness Center offers a series of culturally-sensitive and effective medical services, such as testing, education, treatment, and counseling, to help patients living with HIV or AIDS reach and maintain their best possible health.


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