Financial Assistance and Charity Care Policy

In the spirit of our Mission, South Shore Hospital is committed to providing health-care services to all patients based on medical necessity.  For patients who require financial assistance or who are experiencing temporary financial hardship, South Shore Hospital offers several payment options, including charity or free care.  This is a summary of South Shore Hospital’s Financial Assistance Policy (FAP).

Uninsured Patient Discount

The South Shore Hospital extends a discount to uninsured patients who receive medically necessary services. Bills will show the discount amount and the adjusted balance. Services such as cosmetic procedures, hearing aids and eye care that normally are not covered by insurance are priced at package rates with no additional discount.  All payments are expected at the time of service.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance / Charity Care

Free care for medically necessary services is given to patients who earn 200 percent or less of Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).  Discounted care for medically necessary services is given to patients who earn 400 percent or less of FPG.  Medically necessary services are those services typically covered by Medicare.  Elective services such as cosmetic surgery are not included in our charity program.  In order to be eligible for financial assistance/charity care, the patient must complete a Financial Assistance Application and provide certain financial information.  Patients that are FAP-eligible will not be charged more for emergency or other medically necessary care than amounts generally billed to individuals who have insurance covering such care.  Please refer to the full policy for a complete explanation and details.

Where to Obtain Information

There are numerous ways that an individual may obtain information about the FAP application process, or obtain copies of the FAP or FAP application form:

  • Financial counselors are available to work with patients in completing a financial evaluation to determine what assistance is available. This includes assessing eligibility for Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Download the information from South Shore Hospital’s website:;
  • Request the information in writing by mail or by visiting the South Shore Hospital Patient Account Department at 8012 S. Crandon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • Request the information by telephone by calling the South Shore Hospital Patient Account Department at 773-356-5212.

Availability of Translations

The FAP, FAP application form, and this plain language summary are available in English and Spanish.