Refer a Patient

When you refer a patient to South Shore Hospital, you can be confident they are receiving high-quality care in a convenient location. South Shore is a community-based hospital, meaning we put our community’s needs first. Our care teams work closely with community members, partners, and organizations to support our patients close to home.

At South Shore, we are committed to keeping all referring providers in the loop when it comes to patient care. We know how important your patients are to you, and we will maintain communication to ensure their needs are met.

Experienced Doctors

Complete primary care services, from routine check-ups and preventive care at five affiliated neighborhood clinics and affiliated physicians.

Friendly Staff

Excellent and personable physicians, nurses, and professional staff. Transportation Services for seniors and disabled patients at affiliated clinics and the hospital.

South Shore Hospital Services

South Shore Hospital provides excellent care in the familiar and convenient location of the South Shore neighborhood. Our services include:

    • Emergency Services
      • Emergency Healthcare Services
      • Wound Care
    • Testing
      • Acute Renal Dialysis
      • Pulmonary Function
      • Radiology Technology, Nuclear Medicine, and Mammography
      • Geriatric Services
      • Senior Mental Healthcare & Wellness Center
      • Hospice Services
    • Specialty Services
      • Physical Therapy
      • Chemical Dependency Program
      • Detox Program
      • HIV/AIDS Program & Wellness Center

Refer Your Patient to South Shore Hospital

To complete your referral, you’ll also need to write an order for South Shore Hospital or the HMO/insurance network.


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