Giving Today

Join the Fight to Keep Community Healthcare Local

Think about this. If you were to lay down while someone added several 100-pound stones on top of you, could you survive? Would you be crushed?

Well, community health has had to endure a similar assault, only the 100-pound stones have been the financial burden of offering free-to-affordable quality health care without the benefit of equitable reimbursement, being assessed fees for increasing operational requirements, or responding to increasing needs for facility renovations and improvements.

These growing costs have led to the closing of over 16 Chicago area community hospitals since 1990. Yet, South Shore Hospital has remained open through all of these challenges and intends to continue fulfilling our mission to offer quality health care and medical services locally and be the health care neighbor that…

  • Customizes health and medical care services to meet the needs of the community.
  • Offers primary care, emergent, hospitalization and diagnostic services as well as specialty clinics for HIV/AIDS, adult mental health, substance abuse, orthopedic, and senior care.
  • Led local efforts in vaccinating neighbors and protecting them from COVID 19 and its variants.
  • Partnered with area organizations and churches to offer health care services and participate in health fairs.
  • Collaborate with Chicago Public Schools and Chicago City Colleges to train future health care workers.
  • Employ over 500 people— many for nearby neighborhoods.

Will you join the battle to keep community care local by donating? We offer these choices.

  • “Giving Today” individual donation of any amount.
  • “Tree of Life” donations of $1000 or more

*All donors will be listed on our donor’s page (unless you request to remain anonymous).
*The names of “Tree of Life” donors will be engraved on leaves and added to South Shore
Hospital’s “Tree of Life,” in the reception area facing Crandon Avenue.