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Responsible for applying the principles of accounting and statistical analysis to install and maintain accounting module within enterprise resource planning platform in a hospital.  Evaluate existing procedures for recording assets, liabilities and financial transactions to determine methods for reducing time and cost of accounting operations.  Applying knowledge of accounting techniques and business systems to improve electronic recording and reporting. Systematically assess, monitor, evaluate and improve processes that affect general accounting, financial and statistical reporting, including data processing functions.  Responsible for financial report preparation, account reconciliation, bank reconciliation, compensations and benefits accounts, posting journal entries for monthly accruals and transactions and variance analysis work in various and SAP environments.  Prepare of hospital operating reports and financial statements from general and subsidiary ledger entries for use in financial administration.  Analysis of profit and/or loss for each operating department of the hospital, based on such factors as patient revenue, material and supply costs, and staff salaries and wages.  Develop strategies for ensuring compliance with accounting practices and principles.


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting *Any suitable combination of education, training, and experience is acceptable.  Foreign academic equivalence is acceptable.


6 months’ experience in job offered or Direct Cost Associate, or related.


Experience in SAP environment, analyzing data for Compensations and Benefits accounts, posting journal entries for monthly accruals and transactions.



Forty (40) hours per week

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